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All the content. One platform.

How it works

3 simple steps to get live on TravelConnect

Step 1

Create a new account. Its free. No credit card is required. It takes a few minutes.

Step 2

Add your company and product information. All the usual information required by resellers: description, images, inclusions etc

Step 3

Everything is now in one place. Share the link with your re-sellers and agents. They can download the information from there.

Why we came up with Travel Connect

We created Travelconnect after many years of working in this industry and both sides of the table.

In our experience, nobody actually enjoys the administration part of selling tours and activities. How many resellers do you know who do NOT have a backlog of products to load into their systems? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create or update a product, and it was immediately available to everybody who sells your product. No email updates, no attaching Word documents or PDF’s.

Re-sellers have to go through hundreds of versions of these documents. They copy and paste descriptions, decipher starting locations, download zip files for images, try to get access to Dropboxes, send additional questions for clarification and everything generally takes weeks, months or worse.

Your free account can be set up and made live in minutes. Send the link to your re-sellers, affiliates, agents and anybody else who wants to know. Your updates are tracked, and you can make announcements for major changes.


Claus Tworek
Claus TworekCEO, City Pass Cape Town
“This service cuts down on hundreds of repetitive emails and messages sent to all of our agents. Our Pass has over 70 attractions, so keeping information current and accurate is essential”
Jessica Rebstock
Jessica RebstockDirector Sales & Marketing, City Sightseeing San Francisco
“This is an invaluable tool for tracking and distributing all of our product info. Up to now, we have been sending updates via email with Word docs and Excel spreadsheets. “
Nathan Withrington
Nathan WithringtonCEO, Go Car Tours
“What a great tool. makes it really easy to update our product information – especially as we have many international locations”

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